Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Because I will be updating my template, as well as my site in general, and continuing the wild antics of my New Orleans memoirs below this weekend, I would like my readership to prepare by renewing the previous entries in their minds. Re-read some of the Writhe & Shine material below, catch up, refresh your memories, and we'll continue on quite shortly.

As a gesture of both good faith and bad taste, I will leave you with some tidbits from an upcoming installment (if for no other reason than to prove it's really coming...)

Do enjoy these teasers, assorted stems and seeds from the coughing fit yet to come:


It seems odd that I might offer cautionary tales against the evils of strange drugs and thrills, whilst writing under the influence of those very drugs and thrills that I might offer caution against... But I suppose that's how life is. If it's not one thing, it's another; if it's not another, then I don't care what it is--just don't end up like me, or don't end up like this or that...hell, don't end up at all. Just keep on walking past it all...there's nothing for you here...just move along. I hear there's a sale on at the mall.


Wait, he said--aglow with a smirk that left us aghast and turning shades--"Look at me! I'm such a whore!" He dropped trou, and waived his taint about. Beside him, he pressed his purplish pill to dust beneath his thumb. "Hellllooo Blue Dolphin!" he said, and stuffed the mashed up pill inside his arse. It puckered as if to wink at me; I turned away, as it blinked a glint of dust from it's gaping, flinching pit. He sat idle for awhile, and stared. "How do you feel," some random asshole asked. "Beautiful, man," he said, and basked. "Beautiful through and through." He smiled a toothless raver grin, his face hardcut with lines and eyes mere hollow shells. "Dear God, I feel so beautiful I could die."


I've tried Ecstacy exactly once. I was wandering, stumbling home drunk from a rave one evening. I reached into my pocket, and downed a fistful of aspirin, to make my World Of Suck stop spinning quite so fast. I'd forgotten that, earlier at the party, a friend had offered me one of those blessed little darlings, and in my haze, I'd dropped it right into the same pocket as my aspirin.
I awoke two hours later with the oddest compulsion to feel my own chest hair.

But that's all I really see in it: a warm glow, a burning face sensation, a tactile treasury that eats up your adenaline with time. It was lovely I suppose, but I was really only "happy" when it stopped.